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Tusculum Men on April 16th, 2018

The excitement is building ahead of this weekend for the “Act Like Men – Protect This House” Men’s Retreat at Fall Creek Falls. First of all let me tell you a little bit about the facility that we are staying at and the State Park. Here is a link to the Park’s website if you want to do some further investigation on your own.


Fall Creek Falls is probably the prettiest of all the State Parks in Tennessee. Located on the Plateau in Spencer, TN it will make available a glimpse of God’s beauty along with an assortment of things to do during our free time on Saturday. Hiking, fishing, and boating are a few things that will be available and for those of us who have done the God, Guys, and Golf, well we know about the challenging golf course that will be just down the road. So don’t forget to bring your hiking boots, golf clubs, and fishing poles. There are also basketball goals and tennis courts available if you want to bring a ball or racket.

We are staying at the Group Lodge 1 so when you arrive at the park on Friday or Saturday you will want to head in that direction.


Our lodge can accommodate 100 people and has bunk beds in the main lodging areas. Everyone will need to bring some bed/sheets/pillows or sleeping bag and then a bath towel if you plan on showering. (Please plan on showering) There are a limited number of separate rooms which some have been delegated. There has always been limited cell service so please let your wife/family know this in advance and that you may not be ignoring their calls.

The Food for the main meals is all included in the cost of the retreat. I know that Kelly Helmlinger is in charge of the meals this year like the last retreat…and I will tell you that the food will be “well worth the price of admission” I know the weekend will include at least some “smoked butts and brisket” from some of the best cooks our church has to offer. For the weekend we are asking that everyone pick up a favorite snack and/or drink to share with your brothers over the weekend.

We are looking for a variety of cookies (home-baked preferred), fruits, chips, dips, etc…healthy or non-healthy and an assortment of soft-drinks, teas, lemonade, etc.

Men’s Retreat Itinerary

Friday April 20
4:00-6:00 Arriving
6:30-7:30 Dinner
7:30-8:15ish- Glenn’s session “Our Greatest Predicament”
8:15-9:30ish Break out sessions
9:30-Free time

Saturday April 21
8:00 Breakfast
9:00-9:45 Rick’s session “No Man Left Behind: Relationships”
9:45-11:00 Break out sessions
11:00-11:45 Gather back to get feedback for ministry leadership team
11:45-6:00 Lunch and free time
6:00-7:00 Dinner
7:00-7:45 Will’s session “I Made a Covenant…Job 31:1”
7:45-9:00 Break out sessions
9:00- Free time

Sunday April 22
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00- Kerwin’s session “Hold the Rope”
Clean-up – Everyone needs to pitch-in on the clean-up of the kitchen,
bathrooms, bunkhouse etc “NO MAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND”

Bible, bed sheets/covers, sleeping bag, pillow, bath towel, toiletries, comfortable clothes, healthy/unhealthy snacks/drinks, fruits, games, cards, chess boards, checkers, rook cards, guitars, banjos, accordions, corn hole boards, golf clubs, hiking gear, fishing equipment, and an open mind to meet and make new friends and let God make the weekend something special.

Those coming on the retreat…

David Gee
Ellis Kelley
Rick Hatcher
Kelly Helmlinger
Derek Robinson
Cameron Stewart
Alan Brown
Bill Judkins
Pete Sullivan
Jonathon Goode
Adam Hesslerode
Mark Wilhoite
Michael Mazo
Steve Foster
Rodney Richardson
Thomas Parker
Gene Hendon
Raymond Jones
Kenny Burlason
Chuck Watson
Sam Duncan
Glenn McGehee
Kerwin Everson
Rob Frankum
Will Tidwell
Aren Everson
Andy White
Andy Flanigan
John Lewis
Randy Foster
Mark Beaster
Bill Enyart
Josh Enyart
Dan Florida
Mark King
Chris Parker
Jonathon Davidson
Scott Burleson
Don Reeves
David Moon
Robert Mitchell
Steve Cummings
Greg Leech
Bill Graham
David Waddell
Randy Foster
James Greenwood
Randy Doores
Ryan Millimaki
Marty Edwards
Brad Russell
Jeff Sublett
Russ Neely
Greg Petree
Walt Malone
Doug Wooten
Doug Gosnell
Ron Peacher


Tusculum Men on June 11th, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of climbing Mt Everest? Dreamed of reaching the highest point on Earth? 29,000 feet. Have you ever said to yourself “if that person can climb that mountain, I know I can do it”. I have just as much strength, determination, fortitude, persistence, courage, discipline, and faith. I have the grit it takes to reach the summit, enough determination to never give up no matter what difficulty gets thrown in my way. Have you ever said to yourself, I’m going to be the next person to reach that summit… and if so, did you take that very first step on the journey? And then the second step. And then the third step? One step at a time in training, exercise, planning, and preparation to get yourself to the top?

You must agree that stepping out to achieve such an seemingly impossible goal is unimaginable, yet the truth is… 4,469 brave individuals have reached the summit of Everest since Edmund Hillary first did it in 1953. That’s over 4,000 people that had the grit and determination to achieve an impossible life goal.

Learn from these 4,469 brave souls. Approach life one step at a time in pursuit of the seemingly impossible. Focus on the summit, focus on the ultimate achievement…

Focus on Jesus.

Follow Him as your Sherpa guiding you to the throne room of God. Honor His sacrifice and determination. Live each moment like He did in determination, faith, and persistence… drawing strength from Our God and Father. Reach life’s summit by leveraging the strength that He offers you.

Let’s keep our eyes focused keenly on the cross and that ultimate summit that our lord and savior Jesus Christ reached. His body was broken and His blood was spilled as He bore our sins climbing to the ultimate summit of crucifixion on the cross… a sacrifice He willingly made for you and me.

Tusculum Men on January 1st, 2017


Read Luke 4:1-20

TODAY is the day we begin fulfilling our 2017 resolutions.

TODAY is the day our determination, persistence and grit kick in: determination to eat better, determination to exercise more, and determination to spend less.

This is the YEAR that we resolve to actually keep our promises to ourselves and to work hard each day to deliver on our resolutions.

This is the YEAR that we finally stick to our resolutions for more than just a few weeks.

This is the YEAR that we FINALLY achieve that level of determination that resolves to not let excuses overwhelm and discourage us.

This is the YEAR that we FINALLY let intense determination and grit keep us resolute in our promises.

We must COMMIT to standing our ground against sugar, COMMIT to standing our ground against the snooze button, and COMMIT to standing our ground against the next shiny object that Satan throws at us in FEEBLE attempt to break our determination and steer us off course.

TODAY, at this moment, on behalf of all Christians around the world, I am declaring 3 resolutions and committing them to God on our behalf.

  1. We as Christians resolve DAILY to treat our bodies as the Temple of God, fit for the Holy Spirit to dwell.
  2. We as Christians resolve DAILY to capture our thoughts and focus them on good rather than bad.
  3. We as Christians resolve DAILY to help others in need rather than selfishly pursuing our own desires.  

TODAY we resolve to commit ourselves to Jesus, to follow in His footsteps, and to take control of Mind, Body and Spirit, in the same resolute manner as our Savior did.

TODAY we we humbly approach God in awe of His love, His grace, and His mercy.

TODAY, we humbly bow before God and express to Him our thanksgiving for what He has done for us through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross, and we honor that sacrifice with this communion service.


Click here to open a printable version of this devotional


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Tusculum Men on November 23rd, 2015

Thanks to all that attended our Guys Night Out this past Saturday night… it was a really fun evening.  How can a guy go wrong with pizza, cornhole, college football on the big screen, and good Christian brothers to hang out with.  Also, thanks to all of you for pitching in and helping get the chairs setup before we got started with the evening.  Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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Tusculum Men on September 6th, 2015

horizon-768759_1280There are signs of truth that reveal themselves when I have my life centered on God’s promises and work hard to draw myself in harmony with His will for my life. Galatians 5:16 promises me that by yielding myself to the Holy Spirit, great power will be revealed to me… a power that is strong enough to overcome the weaknesses of my flesh.  Psalm 63 promises me that when I am in the desert of life, and I’m parched from lack of life-preserving water, it will be revealed to me that God’s Spirit and strong hand are there to continually lift up my head and give me strength.  And finally, Luke 11:10 reveals the promise of hope and confidence in Him because it is promised to me that when I ask it will be given – when I seek I will find – when I knock the door will be opened.  Therefore, because these very powerful promises have been revealed to me through the Holy Spirit, I will continually strive to be in harmony with God’s will since he has done so much for me.  The practical ways I will do this… well, these are lofty but simple goals – I know if I can ever master them I will certainly draw in line with His will for my life.

  • spend hours in God’s Word
  • spend hours meditating on what I read
  • spend hours in prayer

It’s that simple… yet also that difficult.  Will you join me on this journey?

Tusculum Men on August 7th, 2015

Are we going to BELIEVE and OBEY Jesus, or are we going to be content to settle for less than radical obedience to Him?  Satisfaction in our lives and success in the church are not found in what our culture deems most important but in the radical abandonment to Jesus.  Somewhere along the way we have missed what is radical about our faith and replaced it with what is comfortable. We are settling for a Christianity that revolves around catering to ourselves, when the central message of Christianity is actually about abandoning ourselves.  We would be wise to heed the words of Jesus in Luke 9:57-62 when we “put our hand to the plow”.


These thoughts are based on excerpts from the book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

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Tusculum Men on May 6th, 2015

This inspiring video is a great illustration of what a lot of the devotional discussion was about at the men’s rally.





Tusculum Men on May 6th, 2015

Men… a big thanks goes out to those that attended our STAND FIRM Men’s Rally this past weekend.  It was a huge success thanks to so many that pitched in and helped plan, buy food, cook food, contribute to devotional conversations, and simply be there to help develop stronger bonds with our brothers in Christ.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and very good food.  In addition, our devotionals were very motivational, challenging, and encouraging.  Thanks so much for a great weekend… God blessed our efforts in so many ways. Please be on the lookout for more men’s events coming soon, including another retreat either Fall 2015 or Spring 2016. Many have asked for a copy of the presentation that was used for our devotionals, so here it is…

CLICK HERE to get our Devotional Presentation

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