Priceless Fellowship with Wise Men

One thing that is not a secret is that the Cracker Barrel serves a great breakfast every day of the week.  Something that is growing some momentum that is may not be known by many  is a monthly breakfast that is attended by some of the Tusculum men every first Monday of the month at a local Cracker Barrel just off I-65 and Harding Road.  While most of the guys are retired…I don’t think it is a qualification to attend…only a big appetite.


What is funny at the table is how the conversation goes from loud before the food comes to an erie silence after the food arrives.  It is amazing to see the guys throw down the eggs, country ham, sausage, biscuits, bacon, grits, hash browns and pancakes.  It is like George Hunt says, “If I pay for it…I’m gonna eat it all”


So whether you like Uncle Hershel’s Breakfast, the Old Timers, or Mommas Pancake Breakfast make come and join us for a little food and fellowship on the 1st Monday of the Month at 8 am at the Cracker Barrel.


See you there on the 1st Monday of Every Month for Tusculum’s “Wise Men Breakfast” – Seasons Greetings!






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