Striving to Be in Harmony with God’s Will

horizon-768759_1280There are signs of truth that reveal themselves when I have my life centered on God’s promises and work hard to draw myself in harmony with His will for my life. Galatians 5:16 promises me that by yielding myself to the Holy Spirit, great power will be revealed to me… a power that is strong enough to overcome the weaknesses of my flesh.  Psalm 63 promises me that when I am in the desert of life, and I’m parched from lack of life-preserving water, it will be revealed to me that God’s Spirit and strong hand are there to continually lift up my head and give me strength.  And finally, Luke 11:10 reveals the promise of hope and confidence in Him because it is promised to me that when I ask it will be given – when I seek I will find – when I knock the door will be opened.  Therefore, because these very powerful promises have been revealed to me through the Holy Spirit, I will continually strive to be in harmony with God’s will since he has done so much for me.  The practical ways I will do this… well, these are lofty but simple goals – I know if I can ever master them I will certainly draw in line with His will for my life.

  • spend hours in God’s Word
  • spend hours meditating on what I read
  • spend hours in prayer

It’s that simple… yet also that difficult.  Will you join me on this journey?

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