Do Hard Things

Have you ever dreamed of climbing Mt Everest? Dreamed of reaching the highest point on Earth? 29,000 feet. Have you ever said to yourself “if that person can climb that mountain, I know I can do it”. I have just as much strength, determination, fortitude, persistence, courage, discipline, and faith. I have the grit it takes to reach the summit, enough determination to never give up no matter what difficulty gets thrown in my way. Have you ever said to yourself, I’m going to be the next person to reach that summit… and if so, did you take that very first step on the journey? And then the second step. And then the third step? One step at a time in training, exercise, planning, and preparation to get yourself to the top?

You must agree that stepping out to achieve such an seemingly impossible goal is unimaginable, yet the truth is… 4,469 brave individuals have reached the summit of Everest since Edmund Hillary first did it in 1953. That’s over 4,000 people that had the grit and determination to achieve an impossible life goal.

Learn from these 4,469 brave souls. Approach life one step at a time in pursuit of the seemingly impossible. Focus on the summit, focus on the ultimate achievement…

Focus on Jesus.

Follow Him as your Sherpa guiding you to the throne room of God. Honor His sacrifice and determination. Live each moment like He did in determination, faith, and persistence… drawing strength from Our God and Father. Reach life’s summit by leveraging the strength that He offers you.

Let’s keep our eyes focused keenly on the cross and that ultimate summit that our lord and savior Jesus Christ reached. His body was broken and His blood was spilled as He bore our sins climbing to the ultimate summit of crucifixion on the cross… a sacrifice He willingly made for you and me.

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